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We know there are people who have difficulty adapting to online courses, Tradfax International has developed the online Language Lab. This system has amazing results in learning foreign languages. Language Laboratory with the learners active participation is an amazing method for education. Professor Spencer has dedicated most of his career teaching by the language laboratory method with its famous drills with outstanding results.

We train students in the 4 main areas

Tradfax International places phonetics training as a priority in languages so that students can learn well from the beginning and complete their studies of English understanding and being understood in English speaking countries. Tradfax International believes well taught phonetics throughout the language course is like when children learn to speak their mother tongue with correct pronunciation. Pronunciation should not be perfected by paying for another course, but learned as part of the educational process.



We do not offer I-20 Student Visas. OUR COURSES ARE ONLINE ONLY.

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