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A representative of major language departments around the world.

Tradfax International is a representative of major English (ESOL) departments around the world such as Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania and English schools like FLS in the United States; Huron University and English schools in England. TradFax International was the only representative of the diploma of Proficiency in Portuguese of the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2009 TradFax International became the official representative and administration center for the United States of North America of the FIDESCU Foundation research and development of the Spanish culture with its Spanish Proficiency Diploma in Spanish awarded by FIDESCU and Pontifical University of Salamanca. All these degrees are accredited by the United States and can count as credits for university courses.


Today, Tradfax International trains online in American English, Spanish and Portuguese. TradFax International offers to all students and companies training in American English, Spanish and Portuguese. Students can obtain English proficiency and certification via an online medium with highly trained and professional academics. All courses are strictly supervised by the academic director and tailored especially for students around the world, with certification from the United States of America.

Professor Francis Joseph Spencer

TradFax International’s Academic Director

He is a US and Argentinean citizen that resides in the United States. Professor Spencer is an honorary member of FIDESCU proving his high capacity for academic linguists among his peers. He teaches English as a Foreign Language (ESOL); Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE); and Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). Also, Professor Spencer is proficient in the Italian and French languages. Professor Spencer is a specialist in English and Portuguese Phonetics and Teaching Methodologies.


Tradfax International was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina and after several years relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States of America.

what students are saying

“The teaching standard is high as is the expectation of the student. Much time is taken to make sure student is learning and understanding well. I am very satisfied with the instruction and will continue in the courses”

Deone, Student
“I started learning Spanish with Tradfax about two years ago and it has helped me in my understanding and speaking of Spanish. Francisco tailors his training to each persons individual needs”

Bart Scott, CFO Solutions LLC Senior Partner
“TradFax International has given me an extremely well-rounded and personal experience in learning Portuguese. The depth of education I have received, has allowed me to communicate with native Portuguese speakers. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin or expand their foreign language skills”

Keith Moller, International Sales

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